Bribie Island Gem Club

Activities At The Club


Silversmithing is the art of using specialised techniques to form and shape the metal into jewellery items. Our well appointed workshop allows members to create their onw unique pieces. Experienced members are also on hand to guide newcomers through various processes. Silversmithing courses are available to new members; materials and equipment are available for purchase for club members.


Faceting is the techinique of cutting and polishing a transparent stone at definite angles. This emphasises the refraction of light within the cut stone, creating an added brilliance. Other non-transparent materials can also be faceted and some coloured stones (such as emerald and ruby) are cut for colour enhancement rather than brilliance.

Many stones exhibit colour bands or zones and some will show different colours when viewed on different crystal axes. This, along with the precision required make faceting a difficult, yet rewarding hobby.

The Club's faceting room is air-conditioned and provides five GemMaster faceting machines for use by members.


Cabochon cutting (cabbing) is a skill almost anyone can learn and is a basic skill of all lapidary artists. A cabochon is a polished rock that usually has a flat back and a domed top surface. Cabbing involves cutting a stone into slices, followed by shaping and polishing the slices. The club provides the necessary equipment to cut and polish rocks. Classes are also held regularly.


Fossicking is an activity in which members search locations for their own rocks. The club organises several trips each year for members to attend.